Here you will find my honest CommissionExperts Review bonus with my opinions about CommissionExperts. Having attended numerous similar events, I think I am in the position to review CommissionExperts.

commissionexperts review

CommissionExperts is a product by well known vendors Omar &Melinda Martin & Tom Beal. As long as you do not get carried away by the hype of these events and keep your credit cards in your pocket (unless you decide differently), there are always golden nuggets to be picked up at an event like this. So having the benefit of watching these masters performing their strategies from your own lounge is priceless.

I have just finished reading a review of Commissionexperts that only rated the product 2/10. The reviewer is fully respected for his opinions. Most of his justifications for his ratings are valid, depending from what angle you are viewing and assessing this product.

I can fully agree you are not going to make money with Commissionexperts within days, you will need a domain, hosting, autoresponder and the skill sets of an experienced marketer to build squeeze pages, landing pages, write emails,etc.,hence the negative rating and the mention of the content being too bored, too much in depth and will set you back 20 days and $200 without making any money if you are a newbie marketer!


It is the absolute truth that you need to invest in money, time and skills when setting up any business. However, if you approach Commissionexperts for the value of being able to watch,listen and experience such a big group of successful marketers showing their insights, thoughts and entrepreneurial ideas, then it is priceless.

Yes, priceless if you can pick up a few golden nuggets to implement on developing your Internet marketing journey as a newbie or fine tuning for the skilled marketer.

Yes, there are systems that hold you by the hand to achieve financial freedom, but they all have learning curves, need investment and perseverance. Commissionexperts as a digital product is just another essential building block in your arsenal of marketing skills on your road to wealth building. This is not the complete package, but a good insight and very well worth the small investment when you buy with the commissionexperts review bonus.

CommissionExperts Review Bonus

To cover the flaws as mentioned by the other reviewer, I will provide you free access to a drag and drop page builder that is simple to use to create squeeze or landing pages and is used by more than 10000 marketers when you buy Commissionexperts through any of my links on my bonus page.

Additionally I will give you access to your own free autoresponder that allows unlimited subscribers and emails.

Furthermore, I will give you access to a WP plugin that you can use to create instant content and authority in any niche.

Should you decide to go down the route of setting up a website with WordPress, I have you covered with a bonus tutorial on how to set up a WordPress site from scratch and a bonus tutorial to set up your ideal squeeze page.

Additional bonuses are included on my bonus page like traffic generation, 258 profit-pulling pre-written emails used by successful marketers and access to several memberships for free. All bonuses will complement the training of CommissionExperts and will surely help you on the way of making money online.

This conclude my review of Commissionexperts, but if you are keen to have a structured system to financial freedom, then accept this VIP invitation.

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