Here you will find my Viral Traffic Boost Review, Demo and Bonuses. Viral Traffic Boost will be launching on the 28th April. The vendors are Omar and Melinda Martin.

My Review and Bonuses:


So What Is Viral Traffic Boost All About?

It is all said in the headlines of the salespage ‘Revolutionary NEW Technology Drives Traffic, Grows Your List & Makes YOU More Sales With Just ONE SIMPLE BUTTON.’


Viral Traffic Boost Is A Multi-Purpose WordPress Plugin That Makes It Possible For You To Make Sales & Earn Money WHILE You’re Building a List. Not just afterward. Viral traffic Boost lets you create a “Magic Button” that drives traffic, builds your list, and makes sales for you! Your prospect pushes ONE BUTTON and VTB takes care of the rest.

  • VTB shares your page on their Fb wall.
  • VTB pulls their email address from Fb and adds it directly to your subscriber list.
  • VTB redirects them to any offer page of your choice and layers YOUR download banner on that target page.

This is the smoothest and smartest way to market affiliate products online today because creating a campaign is super simple.

It doesn’t require any knowledge or skill with web design or driving traffic or even list building so it works for anyone, including newbies with no tech skills.

Your people can finally start using social media to grow their subscriber list while driving traffic to offers at the same time. Maybe even encourage them to use this to make money promoting YOUR OFFERS!

After installing the Viral Traffic Boost plugin on your WordPress site you can create as many magic buttons as you want!

Here’s what’s to LOVE about Viral Traffic Boost:

– Automated Funnel Making Software INCLUDED

– Wide Range Of Premium Lead Magnets INCLUDED

– 14 DFY Lead & Commission Funnels INCLUDED

– High Paying, Top-Converting Affiliate Offers INCLUDED

– Unlimited Hosting For ALL Your Funnel Pages INCLUDED

– Free Traffic Methods & EPIC Over The Shoulder Training INCLUDED

 How does Viral Traffic Boost work?

4 Ridiculously Easy Steps 

Step 1 – Style Your Magic Button. Design your button shape and style to match any website and select the subscriber list you want your leads added to.

Step 2 – Insert Your Message For Facebook. Enter any message and image that you want to be shared on your subscribers’ Facebook wall.

Step 3 – Create Your Banner. Design the style of your download banner which will be placed on any product page you want to promote.

Step 4 – Paste Your Shortcode. Copy and paste your campaign shortcode into any page you want your magic button to appear!

Watch Demo Video Of “Viral Traffic Boost”  


Prices & Up-Sells

Front End Pricing 

Basic: $17

PRO: $37 License key to 3 sites

OTO 1 – Full commercial License –  $97
OTO 2 – Unfair Advantage Coaching $37 Monthly or $297 One Time

Here’s Are Some Key Benefits You May Be Interested In Getting:

  • The marketing possibilities with this are limitless.
  • A WordPress Plugin That Makes It Possible For You To MAKE SALES & EARN MONEY WHILE YOU’RE BUILDING A LIST. (Not just afterward)
  • Perfect For Marketers & Business Owners Who Want Fast Results.
  • An All-In-One Traffic, List Building & Affiliate Marketing Tool You’ve Been Secretly Craving
  • Works On Any WordPress Site, On Any Browser And Any Device Anywhere!

All of this in the Viral traffic Boost review is covered by a ‘no-questions asked’ 30 day money-back guarantee.

Total of 20 Bonuses can be viewed here

12 Exclussive Bonuses as bundle below, rest of bonuses can be viewed on my full bonus page of the Viral Traffic Boost review.

Bonus #1

viral traffic boost review and demo

Afraid of split testing? You don’t have to be afraid anymore. In this training, you will learn how to test your sales page using the A-B Split Testing method without fear. Discover how to compare these two versions to determine which is the best performing one. Make more money by split testing!

Bonus #2

viral traffic boost review and bonuses

When you’re launching a product, contest and prizes for your affiliates are important. Your goal should be to make sure that your affiliates are making money. Learn how to ensure that your affiliates are happy with contests and prizes during your product launch.

Bonus #3

viral traffic boost demo

What is a bridge page and why is it important? In this training, you will learn how important bridge pages can be in warming up your site. Uncover the tips and techniques on how to create an EFFECTIVE bridge page.

Bonus #4

real viral traffic boost review

The key things with effective list building and making profits with your list are to drive, capture, and then to mail. A list has to be reliable, it has to be there when you need it. Learn how to make your list a reliable one!

Bonus #5

honest viral traffic boost review

Discover how to create a strong foundation when it comes to driving traffic, build the right audience, taking the first step, making time, and building a list. Master the basics for it strengthens your foundation because your success depends on your ability to convert your plans into reality.

Bonus #6

viral traffic boost review and demo

The number one mistake that marketers make is creating the product and then looking for the traffic. In this training, you will discover how to avoid the biggest mistake you can make and learn where to start your journey instead of spinning your wheels.

Bonus #7

viral traffic boost review omar martin

List building is one of the most important things you can do in your business and as technology develops, there comes new methods, tactics, and tools that enable us to attract new leads and new customers to grow your list. Learn how to attract your prospects with purpose, not just for the fun of it.

Bonus #8

buy viral traffic boost

Discover a tool that can help you in managing your list by creating, importing and sorting. With this new discovery, we can finally avoid “fake lists” and be able to target your subscribers more efficiently and get higher deliverables.

Bonus #9

viral boost traffic plugin

Internet marketing millionaire reveals top split testing methods to improve your conversions and make more sales. Learn why your visitors don’t turn into buyers and how to turn that around. You’re going to learn how to split test your sales pages so that you can generate more sales.

Bonus #10

viral traffic boost honest review

You started an online business and now you realize that if you build it, it doesn’t mean that people will magically appear. Then it hits you.. you need TRAFFIC! How do you get traffic? Where do you start? You’ll learn the 3 ways to get traffic and you’ll be able to decide which is the best way for you.

Bonus #11

viral traffic boost software review

Creating bonuses should be something you often do as an affiliate marketer. We’re going to uncover ways for you to create a viral bonus and why you should even bother to do it to begin with. Learn what people will look for when it comes to products and how to stand out from the other affiliates.

Bonus #12

viral traffic boost traffic

The internet is constantly changing, but how you get your traffic isn’t. You’re about to discover that there are three ways that you can get traffic to your offers. We’re going to break down, in-depth, these three ways so that you can decide which is the best for your business needs.


Thank you for reading my Viral Traffic Boost review.

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