The High Ticket Hijack review will take you step by step through this revolutionary software. Buying the High Ticket Hijack will give you first mover advantage.

The reason: There is no competition for this system yet!

The High Ticket Hijack system uses something called ‘straight-line marketing’. The cloud-based high ticket hijack software builds your list WHILE making you commissions … without even sending an email!

Of course you can email your constantly-growing list as often as you like … It’s just not necessary for making same-day profits from new leads.


How the High Ticket Hijack system works

It is a super simple three-step process!

Step 1 – CUSTOMIZE the DFY pages with your autoresponder info & affiliate link

Step 2 – PICK from 100s of INCLUDED premium giveaway products to get targeted buyers to the built-in high ticket offer

Step 3 – Plugin our FREE traffic strategies & make big ticket commissions WHILE you build your list.


Inside the High Ticket Hijack app

Once you have logged in, you will reach the dashboard below:

high ticket hijack walkthrough

Here you will be greeted with an easy navigable dashboard and traffic training strategies. You can then start by clicking on ‘New Campaigns‘ followed by the red button, ‘Create‘.

high ticket hijack review

Then just give your campaign a ‘name’by entering a ‘Page Title

high ticket hijack software

Once you have named your campaign, select your template from the collection.

high ticket hijack demo

Then open the ‘Opt-in Page Content‘ tab to customize the content of the opt-in page.

high ticket hijack  reviews

Next,you would move on to the ‘Webinar Page Content‘ tab and customize.

buy high ticket hijack

Next step is to move on to the ‘Download Page Content‘ tab to customize with your details.

high ticket hijack review and bonus

Next step is the all important ‘Settings‘page. On this page, you need to enter your affiliate link.

high ticket hijack traffic

Then insert the form code of your autoresponder.

high ticket hijack software

Now you have to decide when your call to action will appear during the presentation. Just insert the amount of seconds into the ‘Button Timer‘.

high ticket hijack demo and bonus

In this case I have inserted 120 seconds, meaning the button offering the call to action will appear after 120 seconds. Now the exciting part is to select your free giveaways in the right column.

high ticket hijack app

Voila! You have just successfully created your DFY Funnel!

high ticket hijack download

You can use the links hosted by the vendor’s hosting or you can download the files and upload to your own server.

high ticket hijack upsells

By clicking on the ‘Video‘ tab you can edit the video source quite easily if you want to use your own videos or any other chosen offers.

high ticket hijack oto

Furthermore, by clicking on ‘Done For You Funnels 2‘ in the dashboard on left, you will be taken to the following page where you can apply for your affiliate links. Approval is guaranteed by the vendor! Here you can also download the email swipes for each offer that you can use.

high ticket hijack vendor

Your DFY lead generation page offers BOTH a free giveaway AND a free training session – which appeals to a much wider audience so you can double leads.

Your DFY SALES page features a free training webinar – so visitors get what they want … THEN it goes into a pitch for the premium offer … AND subscribers only get their free product details after they’ve seen the pitch for the offer.

The High Ticket Hijack review shows thaht everything happens automatically. Without lifting a finger … New subscribers are added to your list & taken STRAIGHT to the DFY sales page.

Traffic training and strategies are included within the member area.

High Ticket Hijack creators Glynn Kosky, Rod Beckwith and Leigh Kosky are successful vendors and you can expect excellent support as my High Ticket Hijack review recollects handling of enquiries.


FRONT END : Early Bird 1 From 9am EST – 3pm EST PRO: $21.97

OTO 1: HTJ UNLIMITED $67 – $47 (downsell)

OTO 2: Done-For-You Funnels $97 – $67 (downsell)

OTO 3: Automated Traffic Flow $97 – $67 (downsell)

OTO 4: Conversion Boosting Tools $67 – $47 (downsell)

OTO 5: Bonus Page Builder $67 – $37

OTO 6: License Rights $197 – $97

I highly recommend High Ticket Hijack as an essential for any affiliate marketer’s toolkit. Getting the unlimited version of this app will seriously put you on a path of big commissions.

If you do not have any existing high offers, then it will be worthwhile investing in the Done-For-You Funnels as approval is guaranteed and you can be up and running in a short time.


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