I have found the following 6 factors the most important to achieve success.

The factors determining a successful online venture are:

  1. Mastering traffic
  2. Analytic Tracking and split testing
  3. Consistency
  4. Perseverance
  5. A Very Good Offer
  6. Brilliant Sales Funnel

You will see that I list traffic as number one. You really need to learn to drive traffic, whether it is free or paid, before you can actually have any business. NO Traffic, No business! It is all good and well to rush and buy all these ‘wonderful’ products that can make you money online, but if it does not come with a traffic plan to implement, then they are useless. These products will just end up on your desktop gathering dust and you will be out of pocket!

So my advice is to find your traffic sources first. Study, analyze and test untill you master and understand these sources first. Only then can you move foraward and really invest in different money making programs where you can apply yourself. Yes, it sounds the wrong way round, but I am talking from experience!

Good traffic sources can be:

  1. Solo ads that can be found on FB Solo Ad Groups or Udimi
  2. FB Ads can blow your money if done wrong. However you can get a free guide here from FB with no signup.Free tutorials are provided to market with FB, Instagram and Audience marketing. No other courses are needed.

3. Bing Ads

4.Google Adwords
Both Bing and Google Adwords to be used with retargeting and remarketing to get cheap traffic.Search online to buy vouchers on the cheap to give you more leverage, like voucherstore.net

Analytic tracking and split testing will save you a lot of money. The tracking and splitting will guide you to what work and where to put your effort in to.

A few good free resources to use are:

  1. Bing – www.bing.com/webmaster/
  2. Google Analytics — www.google.com/analytics
  3. Google Search Console- https://search.google.com/search-console
  4. Facebook – https://facebook.com/blueprint
  5. Boomerang – www.boomeranggmail.com
  6. Keyword Planner — adwords.google.co.uk/keywordplanner
  7. HubSpot – www.getsidekick.com

Consistency leads to success. Repetition is boring, but effective if you are consistently applying what are getting you results. Whether it is daily blogging, tweeting, emailing, texting and applying advertising, it must be done routinely. Just set out your schedule. You can use Google calendar at https://www.google.com/calendar for time management and adhere to it!

Perseverance of doing consistently routine procedures and believing that failure is not an option is important. Who knows what is around the corner? Never give up. Never despair. Believe in yourself, take a break if you feel like it, but never give up. Achieving success and making money online is doable.

Once you have mastered the art of traffic, analytics and tracking and your mindset is right, then decide on a good offer to put forward. It must have an unique selling point. Do not try to create something that does not exist. It is far easier to see what people are already searching for and willing to pay for. Adapt, put your spin and uniqueness on it. You must believe in your product. It does not need to be perfect, as NO product is the alpha and omega.

Start planning your sales funnel before launching any offer. Look for complimentary products and products that will work in synergy. Focus also on high ticket backend offers that can flow from your product via your funnel. Once you have mastered all these factors, then go out there and smash it. Rinse and repeat. See you on the other side.

Please feel free to provide more resources and factors that affect your online success.

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